Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Army Basing Programme Survey
The 2015 moves as part of the Army Basing Programme are now complete.  The Army has now successfully relocated around 74% of its personnel from Germany since 2010, with over 5,000 Service personnel, plus their families, having relocated to the UK in 2015. 

Following the rebasing of personnel and their families, by the end of 2015 HQ BFG will have closed and handed back to the German authorities: 11 barracks with over 5,000 bed spaces, 6 SCE schools, 4 Medical Centres, and over 3,000 married quarters, ending the British military presence in Bergen-Hohne, Bad Fallingbostel, Herford , and Elmpt.

The Army Basing Programme Management Office has been working with colleagues in the Army Families Federation to produce a survey for families that have moved as part of Army Basing during 2015. The purpose of the survey is to assess the families’ experience of moving and how this can be improved upon for future moves. 

The survey can be accessed here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/armyrebasing

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