Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Bomb Happy will be touring venues in Yorkshire this autumn…and the Veterans are touring with us!

About the play

“I haven’t seen anybody dead before and we’re in the water wading to the shore and we’re literally brushing against…. bodies rolling in the surf – people that we know…eighteen, nineteen year olds –they’re people that we know…”

Evocatively built from the verbatim testimonies of the last remaining York Normandy Veterans by playwright Helena Fox, this important new play immerses you with surging immediacy into the lives of five ordinary young conscripts as they set out for Normandy, allowing you to experience through their eyes events of D-Day to VE Day, events that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. 

Yorkshire Tour Dates 2017
6th October               Helmsley Arts Centre                              7.30pm
13th October            Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond     7.30pm
26th October             Pocklington Arts Centre                         7.30pm
10th November        Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax    7pm
16th November        Junction, Goole                                         2.30pm
24th November        Otley Courthouse, Leeds                         7.30pm

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